Welcome to our study!

Purpose : This study aims to build tools to help individuals write. As part of the process, we hope to collect real data on how people write and edit during the writing process.

Risk : The provided suggestions may contain language or themes not suitable for a general audience. If you have concerns about any suggestions you receive, please note them in the feedback portion of the end of the task and/or contact the researchers directly.

Confidentiality : Texts created during the study will be collected. All collected data will be anonymous.

Funding : The study team is receiving financial support from DARPA.

Bonus : Participants whose stories are the highest rated by a team of experts will recieve a $4 bonus on their HIT.

Participants cannot be employed by the University of Washington.

Important: We only have the funds to pay each worker once for this HIT. If you complete this HIT multiple times, you only will receive payment once.

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